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Readiness Kits

illuceo have developed an innovative approach to getting ready for an HR Information System (HRIS) project.

By using an online discovery process for your project team and key stakeholders, we then create you a customised library of documentation that provides a starting point in understanding your detailed requirements, along with templates that can be adapted for project artefacts. Once the library is handed over, your project team can use it as the basis of 'getting ready', often reviewing and updating documents until they are as accurate as possible.

If you can drive discovery, you can have all of our documents 1 or 2 weeks after we kick off!

Workday Readiness Kit

As illuceo are Workday deployment specialists, our main product looks to get the customer ready with a library of documentation that is Workday aligned. This taps into our extensive experience of working on Workday projects since 2013.

Vendor Selection Kit

We also recognised that the kit would be useful for those customers who have not even settled on Workday as their required solution. Our second product is, therefore, aligned to a vendor selection process. This product builds on our general experience of working on HRIS solutions since 2000.

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The Workday Readiness Kit helps customers reduce project risk by ensuring they are as well prepared as possible for their deployment partner arrival.

Your key risk will be not knowing what it is you actually require. Too often projects are delayed because additional requirements are identified and need to be included in scope somehow - this can impact overall design; configuration tasks; testing and, depending on how late identified, even your Change management activity.


Understanding requirements in detail much earlier than is usual can also result in a precise Statement of Work (SOW). Not only does this open the opportunity for fixed price partner costs, but it also provides a very clear reference point where otherwise ambiguity may result in disputes about what is in and out of scope.

Our templates allow you to leverage our Workday experience and rapidly create key documents required in the deployment methodology. Workday insist you follow their methodology, on basis that it has worked in thousands of project before, is proven and reduces your risk. Why not approach that with documents that are largely prepared for you and simply require review, adjustment and sign off?


We are in the process of developing a Vendor Selection Kit.

This will utilise the same technology as our Workday Readiness Kit, but the documentation library that is generated will be system independent. The kit will allow you to undertake online discovery across your organisation, providing accurate details of requirements to be included in your Request for Proposal (RFP) process.