The consultant perspective

Our objective is to build a network of independent Workday consultants.

Customers use our network because they are looking for Workday skills in the following areas:

If you have any of the above skills specifically for Workday, then you should join the illuceo network.

If you have no Workday experience but skills in the areas listed above and strong experience in deploying other HRIS applications, our customers may also be interested in you, and the illuceo network may provide the opportunity for you to cross over into Workday consultancy. We are therefore also keen for seasoned HRIS professionals who wish to explore the Workday market to join us.

All you need to do is to register your interest. This is absolutely free of charge and carries no commitment. However, as the network develops and roles are being offered, customers may well find you by searching this website. We may then look at developing further tools to better enable independent consultants within the Workday ecosystem. Your registration will ensure that you are kept up to date with any new features.

Please note that this site is exclusively for independent Workday or HRIS consultants, as well as customers/partners who wish to contract such resources directly. It is not for recruitment agencies. illuceo will review each registration before it grants access to the platform. In case of doubt, illuceo may request further information or reject the membership application. This is to protect the integrity of this network, which is here for the benefit of independent Workday professionals, and customers, only.

Currently the platform is only open to those who live and/or are able to work in: North America; Europe; Australasia. Unfortunately registration requests from other locations will be rejected.

By registering, either as a consultant or a customer, you are deemed to have accepted our terms and conditions. Please ensure that you fully understand these before you register. You can read these by clicking the button below.

Terms and Conditions

Registration for consultants is simple - you just need to sign in via LinkedIn using the LinkedIn button at the top of any of the main pages on this site. The first time, we will review your application as quickly as possible, and you will receive an email with our decision on whether you are accepted into the network. You may like to add to your safe senders list to avoid our email going to your junk folder.