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Workday – Looking for a fast start?

Make no mistake, the race to join the Workday “Cloud” is fast paced. There is no time to hang about and like all elite athletes, it’s all about being well prepared. If you’re not properly warmed up what happens? You pull a hamstring and the race is lost before it starts.

Warm up your Workday hamstring by using the illuceo Workday HCM Readiness Kit. This kit provides a framework that allows you to be as ready as possible for the deployment partner arrival.

Being ready means having the ability to clearly specify your requirements to the partner. This reduces the risks of gaps being identified at times that can have significant impact on the project. It means that you, as the customer, can meet the milestones that come thick and fast. All of this means you can be as fast as the partner needs you to be.

Being ready also means you understand your side of project responsibility. Our kit includes templates that cover everything from selection of partner through to strategies for testing, change, communication etc. We help you understand the building blocks of a successful project with suggestions on project tools.

How does it work? You kick off by using our discovery tool to tell us your high level scope, and the stakeholders involved in your project. Stakeholders are those that know your existing business – they can be drawn from the project team; country leads (in multi-country deployments); domain leads (eg absence, recruiting etc); anyone that has an interest in Workday being successful.

On an agreed date, illuceo will send appropriate invites to discovery for the stakeholders. Our discovery process is so easy to use and intuitive that we suggest this phase can be completed in a week, maybe two. (If you want to take longer, that is fine).

When all discovery is completed, illuceo will create your personalised kit which we will zip up as library, send it to you, and you are ready to build on what you have already told us. Don’t worry, we don’t abandon you! We provide supporting consultancy to guide you through the ‘Readiness’ process.

The kit contains over 40 artefacts that will assist you. We support both ‘Your Way’ and ‘Launch’ methodologies. The kit is offered on a fixed price basis, and provides a cost effective strategy to reduce the risk that you cannot keep up! Don’t worry, your hamstring will be nicely warmed up.

Interested? Without obligation, why not try out our discovery tool and we will send you back a free sample ‘Scope Statement’ based on your answers. Click Here.

If you want more information about being ready, then visit our site or email us at

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