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You have been through weeks, if not months, of vendor selection and like a growing number of organisations, you have decided that Workday HCM is the right solution. The funding has been secured, and you are starting the process of negotiating contracts. Don’t underestimate this task – it may take up to 3 months or so to get the legalities agreed and the project to formally kick off. The question: what can you do in that period that will help to reduce project risk, and increase the chances of an on time and on budget successful deployment?

Be under no illusion, Workday projects are fast paced; leave any preconceptions about timelines at the door. Many projects will go live within 6 to 9 months of the Workday partner walking through the door. Risk is already mitigated because you will be using proven Workday methodologies, and a certified Workday partner team, to implement. So they will have their ducks in a row, will you?

Experience has shown that it’s a customers inability to keep up with the pace that will pose the biggest threat to success. Why is this? It’s mainly because in most cases customers do not actually understand or know what they want. Does this sound familiar: documentation that describes how systems and policies currently work has fallen into disrepair, or doesn’t even exist; Ted, the guy who implemented the last HRIS 8 years ago, and has looked after it ever since, has decided to move on leaving significant gaps in your organisations understanding.

In a worst case scenario, when you get your first prototype to review, you realise that you have completely misinterpreted your requirements, and you are on the back foot before you barely get going.

The answer? illuceo believes the period while contracts are being agreed provides an invaluable window in which you can really ensure your business and internal team are ready for project kick off. During this time, requirements can be gathered in detail, and fundamental building blocks of a successful project can be put in place. There are 7 areas where work can start, and you will find a lot of free advice on our web site by clicking here.

illuceo have developed a Workday Readiness Kit to help you make the most of the period before your project officially starts. The kit comprises tools and templates that will get you ready for your Workday partner arrival. It is available with 3 fixed price options that will allow you to mitigate risk and set yourself up to meet your project objectives for a comparatively low fee.

For more information visit illuceo, or drop us an email at

About illuceo – we have been deploying HRIS into global customers since 2000, and have focused solely on Workday since 2013. Our consultants have worked on both partner and customer sides of projects, and our associate model also allows us help you find the experts you need.

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