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Do you have the Workday knowledge you need?

The only source of knowledge is experience – Albert Einstein

You have likely landed here because you are in some way involved in HR technology (probably Workday) – if so, your world is already a complex one, deceptively so in some respects. After all, from most people’s perspective, how hard can it really be to implement a new system?

One thing we have discovered over the years: Experience based knowledge is valuable.

• It unpicks complex challenges (in our world, these are often a mashup of process, technology and change issues)
• It spots pitfalls before they are stumbled into
• It engenders confidence

Experience based knowledge is also rare; “getting the right people on the bus” (Jim Collins) is not easy. However the investment will pay for itself many times over. Ironic perhaps, that some of the talent concepts behind the tech we deliver do not make it to the team around implementing that tech. Too often converting the dream to reality results in disappointment.

Picture this. It’s the weekly meeting and the team has become disoriented – “we are being asked to make decisions, we’re told they are important and if we get them wrong it will be costly, we’re so busy and can’t quite get a perspective on where the priorities lie, we’ve rather lost our way…” Sound familiar? It might be during Architect stage for example when requirements are captured on workbooks – this is the first time for most people and they are working ‘blind’. Suddenly what seemed straightforward has become a quagmire.

We start to feel bogged down, views become entrenched, us v them discussions start. This kind of situation is a good test of the sponsors and the project/change managers.

But what can really make a difference is someone who can provide clarity, cut through the confusion, because they have been there before, seen it, done it – someone who can find a route through the swamp and out the other side. You need that person.

illuceo is designed to make this all a bit easier – a place where companies implementing Workday can find people who have done it before and know what they are talking about. If you are an Independent Workday Consultant, register for free and without obligation by clicking the button.

In addition to this simple introductory service, we will be discussing many Workday related topics on this blog, please let us know how we are getting on. Look forward to hearing from you.


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