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Come and build an independent ecosystem with us

We are big fans of Workday.  Having worked with the product for a number of years – and in the HR technology space for considerably longer – we love every aspect of the system.

We also love connecting people.  And we have noticed that connecting Workday professionals with the organisations who need them is… well, let’s just say it is much harder than it should be.

So we created the illuceo Workday Platform …

illuceo is a collaboration platform for Workday consultants and customers.  It ensures they find each other easily, at exactly the time they need to.

It’s really straightforward.

As an independent consultant, you simply register (using your LinkedIn account) and update your skills and availability.  Customers can then find and contact you directly to agree terms for your next engagement.

We are very excited about the opportunity to work with you and grow this network.  The platform itself will be enhanced with tools, content and new features over time.  For now, please register your interest at and click the LinkedIn button at the top of the page or by clicking the button below – this is absolutely free of charge and carries no commitment. Then we can keep you updated with progress as we enhance the platform.

Customer registration will be launched later in 2017, in the meantime if you are a customer interested in finding Workday expertise simply contact us at

illuceo is the first and only independent Workday ecosystem.  Come and join us, be part of the success.  And please share this post and help spread the word!

Note: illuceo is currently only available to consultants living or able to work in North America, Europe and Australasia. Unfortunately we will reject registrations from other locations.

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